Benefits of Ceramic Vape Cartridges

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Ceramic coil carts are the most significant technological breakthrough in the vaping industry. These vape carts utilize ceramic coils instead of traditional metal coils wrapped around cotton wicks. Consequently, ceramic coil vape pen are more efficient and versatile than metal coil vapes.

The ceramic vape cartridge was invented to resolve the drawbacks of traditional vape devices. Any avid user of such vaporizers can attest that their vape tastes like metal on some occasions. This off-putting metallic flavor is usually a result of faulty metal coils. Ceramic coil carts can help vapers avert this and many other issues common with metal vapes, making them superior to their metallic counterparts. 

Benefits Of Using A Ceramic Vape Cartridge

There are several reasons why more consumers nowadays prefer ceramic vape pens. Here are some advantages of using a ceramic coil vape pen to highlight why they are better.

Ceramic Coil Carts Deliver Better Taste

One of the advantages of using a ceramic coil cartridge is that they provide a richer flavor. The highly porous nature of ceramic offers a substantial surface area for heating. Consequently, this increases the amount of oil that can be vaporized in a single puff. 

Similarly, ceramic doesn’t have a distinctive taste; hence, you can enjoy the flavor profile of your cannabis oils. Ceramic is also made with high-grade clay, meaning they are pure and free of any contaminants that would react with your vape oil. Therefore, you can expect a pure hit every time you use a ceramic THC cartridge. 

Ceramic Vape Coil Pens Produce Thicker Smoke

Exhaling thick, full clouds of smoke is one of the highlights of using disposable dab vape pens. Ceramic coil carts can deliver more powerful vapor clouds compared to other coils. Since ceramic coils are significantly porous, they are better at heating highly viscous oils. As a result, they vaporize more oil on every draw, which results in thicker smoke. Hence, ceramic vape coil pens allow consumers to achieve rich clouds with every puff.

Ceramic Vape Cartridges Have Better Heat Resistance

Ceramic vape pen carts are hands down the most heat-resistant vape cartridges in the market. For this reason, ceramic coil carts are less likely to get damaged under high temperatures, making them more durable than their metallic counterparts. This also allows consumers to have their vapes in high-temperature settings for long periods without harming their devices. 

Ceramic Coil Vape Pens Prevent Dry Hits

There’s no denying that dry hits are a vaper’s worst nightmare. Any regular user of metal vapes can attest that dry hits do occur relatively often. Ceramic coil carts can help eliminate dry hits and prevent users from experiencing the burnt taste that ensues from them. 

Essentially, dry hits occur when the cotton wicks of traditional vaporizers are not saturated with oil. Ceramic coil carts don’t utilize cotton wicks to transfer oils to the heating element. As a result, they prevent consumers from experiencing the burnt taste of dry hits.

Ceramic Coil Carts Are Less Prone to Spit-Backs

Devoted vaping fanatics can affirm that they’ve experienced a spit-back at least once. A spit-back occurs when the wick of a vaporizer gets oversaturated with oil. The oversaturation causes the vape liquid to simmer up through the mouthpiece, making it prone to leaks. At times, the spit-back can be hot and burn your lips or tongue, which can significantly ruin your vaping experience. 

However, ceramic coil carts have large surface areas for heating, allowing all the oil to evaporate before it can leak. Similarly, the large surface area of the ceramic coils prevents accumulating and cooling in one corner, which is one of the reasons why vape carts clog.  

Ceramic Coil Cartridge Are More Adaptable

One of the challenges the vaping industry has faced for many years is finding a convenient way to enjoy dabs and oils with thick consistencies. However, ceramic vape coil cartridges have changed all that. The large heating surface area of these vape pens makes them more convenient for vaping viscous oils than other vaporizers. As a result, a ceramic vape coil is more versatile than a standard metal coil.

Ceramic Coil Vape Pens Are A Healthier Option

Since ceramic vape pen manufacturers don’t use metal in vapes, the devices don’t risk consumers’ health through heavy metal leaching. Metal coils, which dominate the industry, are susceptible to leaching heavy metals like copper and lead into cannabis oil. These toxic contaminants can cause serious health issues such as cancer. For this reason, ceramic coil vapes present a healthier option for vapers.

Bottom Line

Companies in need of empty vape cartridges for dabs have a ton of things to consider when buying bulk products. While fully ceramic vape cartridges are a great fit in the market, glass cartridges with ceramic coils have proven to be even better. This is mainly because ceramic is sourced from multiple places, which leads to inconsistent and, ultimately, irregular performances. Therefore, glass cartridges with ceramic coils are the best way to go. 

With RAE’s array of glass vape cartridges with single source in-house manufactured ceramic cores, we’ve done everything we can to create the best performing cart with the least downsides. Experience RAE for yourself today!

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