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RAE™ Cartridges are engineered to ensure the highest performance, dependability, and safety. Our carts are 100% optimized for bringing out the full flavor of your brand’s concentrates in a safe and efficient manner. With a wide variety of mouthpieces available, you can be sure that we have a style that resonates with your brand.

Revolutionary Power. Down To The Core

Standard Coil
Constructed with our premium in-house manufactured ceramic, our coils feature a consistently high porosity network which enables the production of smaller particles for smoother inhalation and absorption.
Mesh Coil
Designed to heat up rapidly at lower temperatures, our patented mesh coil not only performs, but also provides a large heating area and can operate at just 160°C.
Notch Coil
Built with 3x the heating area of competitors, the notch coil heating element offers an unbelievably even distribution of heat to reduce burning and preserve oil quality, operating at just 210°C.
Ultra Core
Our exclusive nano film ceramic heating element is fully integrated with the ceramic wick for durability, reliability, and longevity. The Ultra not only performs at low heat levels, but also produces 50% less carbon deposits than thick film ceramic, and 67% less deposits than cotton cores.

Vaporizer Cartridges


Engineered for the best experience in the industry

Stainless Steel 316L

Constructed with FDA-approved food-grade stainless steel 316L, our carts prevent heavy metal leaching and ensure that your extracts are clean and safe.

Precision-Engineered Ceramic Core

Our single-sourced ceramic materials ensure that we get the perfect consistency every single time, keeping our cores highly porous and built to produce the smoothest vapors.

510 Thread Compatibility

Made with a universal 510 threaded connection, RAE’s carts can be powered by any standard power supply on the market.

Vaporizer Cartridges

for Performance.

We make no compromises when it comes to product quality.

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Notch Coil Core
0 %

Surface Area

Compared to Normal Carts

Even heat distribution ensures that all your terpenes and flavors are preserved.

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Ultra Core
0 %

Less Carbon Deposits

Compared to Thick Film Ceramic

Minimize aerosol production for a clean, smooth hit every time.



RAE™ disposables are made a cut above the rest, constructed to shelter our high-end ceramic cores with beautiful, well-built portable shells. Designed for best-in-class performance, our disposable vaporizers are truly pushing the frontier when it comes to technology.

Disposables Reimagined for The Modern Era

Built with the Ultra Core, the Eclipse brings out the true, unadulterated flavor of your brand's extracts to the fullest. Equipped with reusable pods with a magnetic connection, the Eclipse is truly a top-of-the-line disposable built for maximum performance.
Equipped with the Ultra Core, the Aero uses our best technology to deliver full terpene profiles of flavor in a sleek, modern disposable. This draw-activated vape's portability lies in its slim structure and minimalistic design.
With a simple inhale, you can activate Orion's premium Ultra Core and experience the smoothest hit of a lifetime. Made with a minimalistic design, the Orion features a clean, aesthetic look.
The slim body of the XP makes this disposable amongst the most elegant in the industry. The XP is made at the perfect size to fit comfortably in your hands or any pocket or bag you'd take on the go.
Featuring an aesthetic window to view extracts, the Gamma is made in a highly convenient, discreet manner to show off your oils in a modern light.


Fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand, the Mycro is designed for maximum ergonomic comfort. The compact size of the Mycro makes it highly portable and convenient for regular usage.

Rechargeable Disposables


Optimal performance with cutting-edge technology

Prevent Clogging

Our disposables are built with a bypass air channel to operate even under harsh environmental factors or prolonged periods of inactivity.

Precision-Engineered Ceramic Core

We manufacture our highly permeable ceramic in-house to maintain reliability and consistency. The porous structure of our ceramic material allows for smaller particle sizes for efficient inhalation.


Bring your brand’s vision to life with our highly customizable disposable vaporizers. Whether you need rubberized coating, custom light colors, or label engravings, we can do it all.

Rechargeable Disposables


Every component is carefully constructed with performance in mind.

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Strict Quality Control
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Error Rate

In manufacturing

Rigorous testing and adherence to standardized protocols ensure that our products are produced the right way, every single time.

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Variety To Accommodate


Total Models

To match what your brand needs

Whether you're looking for optimal performance or a sleeker style for your high-end or minimalist brand, we got you covered on all fronts.



RAE™ batteries are designed with performance and reliability first and foremost. Built with the best materials and technology in the industry, our sleek, aesthetic power supplies offer highly efficient delivery of power for our cartridges.

Intelligent and Efficient Delivery For Your Carts

An intuitive button-activated system allows for our variable voltage batteries to change modes.
Simply drawing from your cart can activate our smart inhale-activated batteries.
Variable Voltage
Easily switch between a variety of modes to adapt your heat to different oil viscosities.


Vaporizer Batteries


Constructed with quality in mind

12 Month Warranty

We’re confident you’ll love your batteries, but if you’re not satisfied with your batteries for whatever reason, we got you covered with our 12-month warranty.

Top-End Performance

Made with Grade A ores, our UL certified power supplies are built to deliver with minimal battery degradation compared to other brands.

510 Thread Compatibility

Built for perfect compatibility with all 510 carts, our power supplies are sure to be a reliable source of power universally.

Vaporizer Batteries

Top of the line

We are always pushing the envelope when it comes to producing the best products in the market.

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Fail Safe
0  Second

Automatic Shutoff

Our smart batteries prevent idle energy expenditure by automatically turning off when inactive.

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Maintain Performance
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Better Longevity

Compared to Typical Cart Batteries

While other batteries degrade at about 15% or so every single month, RAE batteries retain their performance over long periods of time.

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