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Our commitment to focusing on technology and performance sets us apart from the rest.

Our 14+ years of experience have made us the leader in vaporizer innovations.

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Strategy & Conviction

We believe wholeheartedly in our processes. So much so that we reinvest over 10% of our revenue back into R&D to ensure that we have the best technology in the market. This not only allows us to keep improving our products and processes but also helps us to attract and retain the best engineers. 

Qualified Expert Team Members

Our research lab dedicated to device reliability and aerosol science has a team of 21+ PhDs and Masters, and over 200 additional expert staff members who share our values and dedication to the advancement of vaporizer technology & performance.

Our Core Technologies

The Standard Coil is formulated with our premium in-house manufactured ceramic. Our proprietary ceramic in conjunction with our heating element creates a high porosity network, which enables the production of smaller particles for smoother inhalation and absorption.

Designed to heat up rapidly at lower temperatures, our patented mesh coil not only performs, but also provides a large heating area and can operate at just 160°C.

The Notch Coil has up to 3x the surface area of our competitors. Our built-in heating element offers an unbelievable heat distribution which reduces burning and preserves oil quality, operating at just 210°C.

Our exclusive nano film ceramic heating element is fully integrated with the ceramic wick for durability, reliability, and longevity. The Ultra not only performs at low heat levels but also produces 50% less carbon deposits than thick film ceramic, and 67% less deposits than cotton cores.

Laying Down Solid Fundamentals.

Materials and sourcing are the root of our operations. We make no compromises when it comes to quality, and that certainly applies to the core of our products: the materials.


By producing our ceramic in-house and using it as our only source, our ceramic maintains consistency and reliability like no other. Made by our fully automated manufacturing facility to be highly porous with a precise uniform structure, our ceramic is built to produce the smoothest hits.

Stainless Steel 316L

Our usage of stainless steel 316L ensures that our vaporizers prevent heavy metal leaching, allowing you and your clients to have peace of mind when it comes to their health.

Batteries & Power Supplies

By sourcing only Grade A ores from reputable suppliers, our UL-certified batteries are constructed with only the best materials to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.



RAE has a sizable, modernized workshop with a 50,482ft² floor area, which includes a 20,000ft² good manufacturing practices workshop. The workshop at RAE has the following certifications:


ISO9001:2015 QMS




ISO 13485:2016



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Automated Workshop

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