Revolutionizing Vape Hardware
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The cutting-edge of engineering and performance with carefully crafted form factors.

A deep dive into
the RAE hardware vault.


Designed with performance in mind, our cartridges deliver the cleanest and purest flavors at lower temperatures without compromising on safety and efficiency.


Built for longevity and reliable performance, our sleek, aesthetic batteries are designed to be the perfect pair to your vape cartridges for years to come.


The future is now. Experience a new era of disposable vaporizers that ensure the safest, most consistent flavors while displaying a stylish and sophisticated modern look.

Revolutionary Power Down To The Core

Standard Coil
Constructed with our premium in-house manufactured ceramic, our coils feature a consistently high porosity network which enables the production of smaller particles for smoother inhalation and absorption.
Mesh Coil
Designed to heat up rapidly at lower temperatures, our patented mesh coil not only performs, but also provides a large heating area and can operate at just 160°C.
Notch Coil
Built with 3x the heating area of competitors, the notch coil heating element offers an unbelievably even distribution of heat to reduce burning and preserve oil quality, operating at just 210°C.
Ultra Core
Our exclusive nano film ceramic heating element is fully integrated with the ceramic wick for durability, reliability, and longevity. The Ultra not only performs at low heat levels, but also produces 50% less carbon deposits than thick film ceramic, and 67% less deposits than cotton cores.

Patents in Vaporizer Technology


Research & Development Team Members

Our Promise

A Refusal
To Compromise.

Our dedication to excellence and quality drives us to ensure that we make absolutely no concessions for defects and inefficiencies.

Did You Know?

Our research team
consists of
• 3 PhDs
• 3 Masters
and 10+ highly qualified research members.

FDA Food Grade

100% Certified food grade materials ensure that your brand reputation stays on point

Medical Grade

Stainless steel 316L is not only integral to our heating element, but also to many medical applications

Single Source Ceramic

Our ceramic structure is highly uniform and avoids the production of ceramic dust

Easy to Fill

Compatible with most filling machines, otherwise we can provide custom templates

Heavy Metals Tested

Stay compliant and protect your customer base from harmful metals in their lungs


Bring your brand’s vision to life with the best vape products in the industry


Production and Manufacturing
Team Members

Our team of engineers and creatives is passionate about their work. They’re constantly thinking outside the box to innovate.


Patents in Vaporizer

Innovation is key in the ever-changing vaporizer market. At-present, RAE has the most advanced vaporizer technology in the world.

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Production Capacity
Per Month

Our production capacity is one of our key competitive advantages. This allows us to meet the demands of our customers

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Make Your Stay with RAE

Technical Support

We aim to be your full service partner from, in-house performance comparison testing to customizing and designing your brand for end-users.

Intelligent Supply Chain

From being produced in our fully automated manufacturing facility to our domestic inventory, our products are always ready to be deployed into your arsenal.